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English Class

Letter from Dodoma this time from Tally.

This is being written on Jessie’s computer since I am still not on-line.  I am trying not to obsess and remind myself that “it’s Africa.”

Classes began this morning following Morning Prayer in the chapel at 7:30 ~ oy vey.  We have 10 students in the English class ~ all young girls and all quiet and scared.  To tell the truth, I felt scared too!  My Pastoral Care students are absolutely gorgeous ~ one was once a smuggler before God got to him.  He is  now a pastor in the Moravian Church.  God does pick some interesting folk.  He/She even sent Jessie and me to this heart-breaking place.  The animals break our hearts and we are such “softies” but even another scene to capture the heart was to witness Jessie’s favorite little girls rush up to her this morning.  You can look into Jessie’s emotional face and “feel” the  joy.

I’ve had similar reunions with my students from last year, but not recorded on camera for they surprised me on the path, or the porch.


I am living closer to nature than ever before ~  just as  we were leaving for our afternoon walk, I said to Jessie “there is a hen rushing up on our porch looking a bit frantic.”  Immediately followed a Rooster, hot on her tail.  I asked Jessie what is he doing, and she explained the rather crude method of love making of chickens, talk about “slam,  bam, thank you mam”  We both felt sorry for the hen, she was missing quite a few feathers from her neck, so we chased the rooster away so she could get a break, she hid behind a bush with another “knowing” hen.  Later, on the path, Jessie moved quickly to her left when she heard a hissing snake.  I heard the hiss as well, thank God it wasn’t a spider!

Thank you for your prayers and response to our blog!  Tally

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