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Habari! We are getting settled in, even had a “dinner party” at our house last night, though very humble. This morning went for our daily walk and it is so hard not to be filled with utter despair. Lack of rain means there is going to be a famine, not as bad as in 2005, but bad enough. we passed a herdsman with his cattle, they were skin and bones with nothing for them to graze but dried out grass and very sparce at that. He said he was worried about food for his family. I think of Africa and get so angry, what would it take for things to improve here…one feels so hopeless it is tempting to throw one’s hands up hopelessness. As Sandy says, one holds the tension of doing nothing or doing something…

We start teaching our English classes tomorrow, then I will go to Bishop Stanway in the afternoon and Tally will teach Pastoral Care. We are praying for a volunteer plumber, but will tell about THOSE problems when I can attach photos. Jessie

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