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It has been wonderful coming back to friends. Neighbors have walked to our “house” from their houses to say Karibu(welcome). Lots of hugs, questions, etc., There have been many positive changes here since last year. Houses on this campus have been painted, classrooms refurbished, solar panels put on the dormitory cafeteria and the library, the new printer (from Wyoming) was put to use by us for our classes in teaching English come Monday.

We have gone to town to get food, taken our walk (3 miles) around the area villages, caught up on sleep, read, went to dinner at the Dodoma Hotel with friends last evening and are having people in for dinner tonight.

I will go to Bishop Stanway Primary School next week after my English classes, Tally is teaching Pastoral Care as well as English. We just got internet connection today, hope it lasts. We cannot open anything with photos, as they use too many GB’s, and will be sparing in sending photos from here for the same reason. Will try to get photos together for the next time we go to town and send them from there. I need to prepare some food, so will let Tally write her comments on my computer as she cannot get her’s to work. She is busy preparing for her English classes right now, so will write later. Love to all! Jessie

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