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Most people know the difficulty in trying to assist people in need or peril, be it Tanzania, or New Orleans after Katrina.  Charity meets the more immediate needs but doesn’t help people solve the problems over the long term.  In the US as well as here the problem that low income people have is that they are not on the radar screen of business, society or even the local governments because they see no return on their investments (short term).  No tax  revenue for the services of good roads, electricity or water from local government, for example.  NGO’s, as well as other large organizations, the UN, individual governments are subject to corruption by the people they attempt to help.  We know this, and feel reluctant to extend a hand.  It is so hard not to just give up in dispair, it is so very frustrating.  We want to help, to fix things.  Tally and I vacillate on this,  because it is so hard, do we just say “forget it” or what?  It is that holding the tension between doing nothing or doing something.

Education and health are the one areas we try to focus on for now, many of  you are really helping us in this.  As we get further into this trip, meet with people, we will have more concrete  ideas to share with you.  Any ideas you may have – would be most welcome.  Bye for now, J.

Thank you St. Andrews Church in Pinedale, Wyoming!!!  They had a “TANZANIA JAR” in the church which they have just opened.  The amount came to $1,009.40 and there were several $100.00 bills, some clipped together.  Thank you all so very much!  Saint Andrews is a small church with weekly attendance averaging around 40 to 50 people yet this congregation has really taken the people of Tanzania into their hearts.  They are supporting a student priest for his three years at the Theological College which comes to $2,800. a year.  In addition, they raised $4,567. to pay for a printer for the Diocese.  Their Vestry will decide what they will do with this new bounty.  Again, St. Andrews, thank you so very much.

There is another REALLY little church in Big Piney, Wyoming where Tally and I spoke on a cold winter night (30 degrees below, and snowing).  This church has only 9 people and Tally and I did not expect anyone to show up given the weather.  Mind you, coming from North Carolina, where when snow begins to fall, schools close, we assumed folks would stay home on this Sunday evening.  To our delight, they were all there.  We did our presentation, and shared coffee and cake with them afterwards.  This church, too, has embraced the people in Tanzania.  They provided scholarships for five children to attend Bishop Stanway Primary School for one year.

Asante Sana!!!!

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