Dear Readers,

Jessie sent several pictures today of a wonderful visit to a new village ~ that is, new to our work.  I don’t know how to post them either, but I will tell you, the ladies looked happy and so did the pigs!  It appeared they had mellons to eat.  She and her nephew, Hugh will begin the long trek home tomorrow (Sunday) after church and lunch with Ruth Mbennah and her husband.  I’ve made that trip a number of times and it is arduous to say the least.  Long layovers in Dar es Salaam and even longer at Dulles.  She will get home late Monday night and will be greeted by her beloved dogs, Alice and Lisa.  Of course I am eager to see her but won’t call until she calls me.  Talk about jet lag!  As sad as I was not to be able to go, I realize  now  that I could not have done all that Jessie did ~ 15+ hours in a Land Rover on pothole full roads.  I have the greatest admiration for everything she has done.  When the photographer gets all the pictures together, and she said there are thousands, I am sure she will do a presentation and share this adventure with us.  In the meantime pray for their safe return.  Tally