That I cannot seem to download photos!! Anyway, we are coming to the end of the trip, one more village to visit today to inspect their pig project. This is a new village. There are now 14 villages participating in the pig projects. More will be added when the loan repayments come through in August.

This is our last “working day”. Tomorrow, we lunch with Ruth and her husband then fly to Dar es Saalam. We have the most wretched flight times on this trip… leave Dar at 3:30 in the morning, and so it goes. Long layovers in Istanbul and Dulles. This is because we wanted cheaper fares, but next time will be more considerate of my age!!!

There is much good happening in Tanzania, the growth in infrastructure is enviable! New standard gage rail lines being installed with fast speed trains. All kinds of building going on in Dodoma, which is the capital, but had long been neglected in favor of Dar es Saalam. New fancy hotels, which make the Dodoma Hotel look so pitiful (it used to be the fancy hotel).

Houses, apartment buildings, it is easy to get lost because the land and cityscapes have changed so much. More roads have been paved, though road travel is still slow due to the fact that there is only one main road through the country and the trucks are abundant until the rail lines are completed.

Still, people’s lives are a continuous struggle in the rural areas, cities too. In countries with without natural resources to provide income, and a larger tax base from individuals and business, governments rely on support from other countries. In the past, this was a dodgy business as the corruption skimmed so much money off the top. (some of these kinds of problems remind me of home, where businesses don’t pay any taxes, and the top 1% – well you know what I mean here).