Jessie wrote quite a lengthy report of a meeting she had this morning (Monday, 22 July) with the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) and she asked me to share most of it on the blog.  Typical of the Africans they begin their working day with a song.  They take a chai (tea) break at 11:00 before continuing their meetings.  This also is the practice at the college where we once taught.  In some ways they are more civilized than we in America.

CCT was formed in 1934 and serves as an umbrella organization that brings protestant denominations and church related organizations together.  Our dear friend Moses Matonya is the Secretary General of CCT. Their areas of focus are:  Women’s Development, Children and Gender, Youth Development, Health and HIV/AIDs, Advocacy and Policy Analysis, Climate Change, Environment and Food Security.  Jessie said it is a results-based organization.  It requires correct behaviors to reach the desired goals.

Jessie has been with Ruth Mbennah these first weeks.  Ruth and her staff train village leaders.  They teach about income-producing activities, saving for tomorrow, economic power and micro-credit initiatives.  Jessie has been in Northern Tanzania with Ruth, dealing with Gender Based Violence and Female Genital Mutilation.  She has written about that in earlier reports.

Karimutanzania supports the areas mentioned above and we continue to supply solar lights.  We have written of the benefits of the solar kits which we are using to reinforce good behaviors.  Although Karimu has actually given some of the kits to schools, clinics, and a Mosque; the kits can now be purchased by individuals at a price they can afford.  Without having to purchase charcoal and kerosene the individual can pay off the debt of the solar light by weekly installments.   

Jessie has committed Karimu to support the women’s projects proposed by Ruth Mbennah.  We shall provide $8,000 to $10,000 which means we need more grants and more donations.  As we say over and over, any amount makes a difference.  CCT is a game-changer for Tanzania.  Jessie and I are privileged to have a part in their ministry.  Blessings and love to all of our readers.  Tally