Yesterday, we visited Mkumi where the women had new pig projects. After arriving to music (singing and drumming) we learned about their projects and how well they are going. After eating lunch, we toured the various pens. My Grand Nephew, Hugh loves visiting with the children, taking their photos and showing them to them. Some of the young ones do not know what they look like as there are no mirrors around. They point to each other saying “that is you!”

There are 12 parishes in the program now and Hilda counts 3,165 women participating. New groups will be added in the fall when existing, new groups repay their loans.

The goat projects have not done well. The goats are not thriving in the areas (not sure why, will find out more about that) and they are not as prolific as pigs. Too many of the goats had male babies and distributing new goats to new groups just became a logistical headache. So, those groups has switched back to pigs.

One of the projects in Mkumi yesterday is making tie died fabrics which the women sell locally. That seems to be working well.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Tomorrow will tell you more about the other work we are doing with CCT. Moses is coming to Pinehurst on August 8th, we will have a party so keep the 9th or 10th open in your calendars for an evening cocktail party.

Bye for now, Jessie