Imagine my surprise and delight this morning when Jessie called me using WhatsApp.  Didn’t know you could do that!  She and her nephew, Hugh were getting ready to leave for a village in the Dodoma region where our work initially began.  For the rest of her time in Tanzania I believe she will visit the women in the many villages who began the Wilbur Project.  That was our piglet project.  The African ladies didn’t know who Wilbur was but we did!   Sadly, she said that a pig disease struck the area and many pigs had to be killed.  That is now under control.  Also there was very little rain during their “rainy season” so again there is a shortage of food.  That seems to be the story of their lives.   The internet is dubious there at Msalato Theological College.  They have it for only a short time as they simply don’t have the money to pay the fees.  She and Hugh walked the dirt path to the Bishop Stanway Primary School where she taught art to children who had never seen a crayon or a paint box.  Although different students, Jessie was greeted with joy and “hello Madam.”  They actually have a computer classroom at Bishop Stanway now.  Gradually things improve but at a rate that we Americans would not tolerate.  I think of the year that Jessie and I taught English to a group of secretarial students.  The typewriters were antiques!

 Seche, our House Girl, came to see her, this time with a new baby boy.  The first time we met Seche she came with baby Jane on her back and she would clean our floors and wash our clothes with Jane on her back.  Jane is now 10+ years old.  

This picture is Hugh unpacking a Fire Fly kit to install in a home last week.    This has been an amazing journey for him.  That’s all I know for now but will happily share whatever I hear from her.