Thank you Tally, for keeping the information flowing.  This morning, we leave for a village near the border of Kenya to visit women who have stopped FGM.  Hugh still has a wonky stomach, Ruth has made a potion of sugar, salt and water for him.  This has been a tough trip with so much driving.  Tim, Hugh and I are active people and not being able to walk or exercise is hard.  We were 14 hours in the car yesterday!!!  Musa and Ruth don’t seem to mind, but we do.  Am getting used to it and after coming so many times, find it easier to “go with the flow”.  Tim and Hugh have a harder time and remind me of how we were when we first came to Africa.  Appointment times are vague to say the least.


Will write when we return from the village this afternoon.  Again, thank you Tally.  You are missed and in every village your name is given along with mine. There is a red kanga waiting for you too.

Asante Sana, Jessie