new choo (toilet for dormatory students)

I know you want to hear directly from Jessie, but she must be without Wi/Fi   I heard from her this morning ~ they stayed at the Dodo hotel last night where we went many times for Chinese food and drinks on the patio.  She says I could not have made this trip and she is right.   She hopped on a motorcycle yesterday to go to a village where solar lights had been installed.  She said there is no down time, no time to reflect so I think she will be glad to eventually come home.  She was in Dodoma when someone said to her:  “Jessie?”  It was Emmanuel Petro who now teaches at Msalato Theological College.  She painted murals of his father and grandfather on the walls of the library at the college in 2008.   Imagine being in Dodoma, Tanzania and running into someone who knows you!  She said they ask about me ~ they speak of “Jessie and Tally.”  She told them of my hip replacement and they could not believe such a thing could be done.  I remember once that my students were amazed that I had hearing aids and they all tried them on.  You simply cannot imagine what it is like ~ they don’t know what a candy bar is.  I have a few pictures from her but still don’t know how to get them from WhatsApp to the blog.  She said that Tim Sayer is getting fabulous pictures.  We will all look forward to them.  Here is a bathroom just in case you are interested!