We arrived in Dodoma this afternoon. Musa Matindi and Ruth Mbennah, Musa is now the driver for Moses at CCT. Have known him since 2008!

Arrived at Msalato and greeted by Hilda who looks wonderful. We leave in the morning after Tim arrives for 8 days traveling the country from Dodoma to Zoissa then Kiteto (Manyara) and stay the night.

Next day to a Maasai area that is remote and where we put in solar lights so the children can study there at night. Then back to kitten for the night. will meet with the District Commissioner there.

Return the 17th to Msalato.

Then on the 18 and 19th will go to the villages with Hilda for the women’s empowerment groups. The 20-25 will work in Mkumi National Park to see the big animals on one of those days, the others to rest.

th 26, 27th visit more villages and women’s empowerment groups.
28th return to Dar and fly home on the 29th.

So, a wonderful, busy schedule. Do not know when will have internet, but will use What’s App to write Tally and she can post the news.