John and I met this morning at the Southern Sun.  KARIMU has purchased 50 solar kits which will be distributed according to Ruth’s plan, most likely to schools, churches, the handicapped, and other goodwill opportunities, like the Mosque and Maasai villages last year.

However, if we use the “Pay Go” kits, we can buy them for $20 versus $200 per kit.  The people that receive these kits pay for them monthly at a small rate (i.e., what they would normally spend on buying kerosene) and when the kits are paid for, they own them.  At that rate of purchase, 500 people could be covered versus 50!  Or,  one kit for $200 for one family the $200 could be spent the Pay Go kits for 12 families.  And, true to our commitment of not “giving away for free” the buyers would have invested (or skin in the game, as we say).

Ruth and I will formulate a business plan which will include the solar kits as well as Women’s Empowerment projects in wider regions of Tanzania, than we have covered before.

A a bit “brain dead” now from lack of sleep, more later….