Hugh, my Grand Nephew, and I finally arrived in Dar es Salaam at 4:30 this morning.  We were delayed in Istanbul two hours.  By the way, that is a beautiful airport.

We were greeted by the Simba Safari people who have been there taking us to and from since 2008 here in Dar.  I tried to sleep, but no luck, so thought I would blog before meeting John Mashaka at 10:00.  John is with AEG in Charlotte who provide the solar kits for us.  He spends half his time in Tanzania and the other in Charlotte.  We are going to work on getting Karimu registered in Tanzania as Karimutanzania as there is another company who has taken up the name of Karimu and it can cause confusion.

Then, we fly out at 2:00 to Dodoma.  Tim Sayer, our photographer has ben waylaid by bad weather in Newark, NJ and writes he will be a day later.  Tim is from Southern Pines and will be making videos of the work we are doing here.

Our driver says the President Magafuli is doing a good job of improving the infra-structure of TZ, the traffic is not as congested as in years past.  More paved roads, including the one to where we stay outside Dodoma, which in years past loosened one’s teeth with the bumps and holes in the dirt road and blew clouds of brown dust in the lungs and faces of the pedestrians who walked the route.

Will stop at the market to get some food and supplies, then off to the guest house at Msalato, where am sure I will be ready for zzzz’s. Our sleep patterns get so out of whack on this journey that takes days of flying.