Until Jessie gets there and can “blog,” you will have to put up with me.  Today, July 6th I received an e-mail from one of my first students, Daniel Fweda who is now a priest.  He wanted to know if I was on my way to Tanzania.  It hurt to say no.  Daniel is the student who brought his wife Karen to see us the first year we were there (2008).  I’ve told this story over and over.  Jessie made a pot of tea and when Jessie and I picked up our mugs, Daniel asked if we weren’t going to give God thanks.  I told him that we say grace at a meal, but we don’t give God thanks for a cup of tea.  His response was, and I have never forgotten it:  “We give God thanks for a glass of water.”   I hope Jessie might get to see sweet Daniel.