5 JULY 2019

This will be a long day.  Jessie and her grand nephew, Hugh will leave Raleigh/Durham Airport this afternoon for Dulles International and then off to Tanzania.  It will be a long day for me too as I will not be on that airplane.  Jessie explained why I won’t be going.  There is much sadness in my heart.  Our friend, Ruth Mbennah has planned an amazing itinerary for them ~ visits to rural villages all over Tanzania.  Jessie will check on the women involved in the goats and pig projects. There will be wonderful stories of how these projects have changed their lives.  Exciting too will be witnessing the installation of the solar kits (Fire Fly) in villages with no electricity.  Knowing Jessie, as well as I do, I would not be surprised to see her on a rooftop installing a kit.  It’s called “hands-on!”  Like you, I shall look forward to her posts on our blog.  I send them off with love and blessings.  Tally