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Jessie and I have been very quiet lately. For one reason we were having blog troubles AND we did not go to Tanzania in 2018.  Thanks to Wes and Anna Smith we are back on-line.  Not hearing from us does not mean we have not been busy on this end of the pond.  There is much good news to share.  Since 2008 our “Board” has been Jessie, Bill Rose and me (Tally).  We were told we needed a “real” board.   Even though we have done very well thanks to you for your support we have basically been flying by the seat of our pants!  We now have a Board of Directors that consists of four very capable people plus Jessie, Bill Rose and me.  The idea is to get our name beyond Pinehurst with hope that more people will want to support this cause. Stay tuned, we are currently working on a new logo and our blog becomes our website.  The learning curve is daunting for this octogenarian!

We have just received another grant from St. Luke’s Foundation, Salisbury, NC for $25,000.  This is the 9th or 10th grant from their foundation.  The Village Chapel in Pinehurst has pledged $500 a year as part of their outreach program.   The people of St. Thomas’ in Sanford and St. Mary Magdalene’s in Seven Lakes continue to support us.   Then there are the faithful donors from Emmanuel.  We have said over and over that any amount is welcomed and every penny counts.

We are returning on July 5th for nearly a month and we have two young men going with us.  One is Jessie’s nephew who wants to learn to help those less fortunate than he.  Also going is Tim Sayer, a well known local photographer and videographer.  He plans to make a video of the work we are doing which will be helpful for our presentations.  Eventually it will be on our website (blog).  (I’m hoping they will help with my luggage!)

The pig and goat projects are successful and going well.  Our newest project is providing solar lights to rural villages with no electricity. The solar kits are made in Charlotte and believe it or not the company has an office in Dar es Salaam, the business capital of Tanzania.   We no longer teach ~ empowering women is now our focus.  This impacts health, education, nutrition and gives confidence to the women that they are not second class citizens.  Melinda Gates believes that empowering women will change the world.  Jessie and I are not out to change the world ~ just to give our friends in Africa a leg up as the saying goes.  One woman whose husband had died said she and her young son could not have made it without the pigs.  You would be amazed if you knew what the women have done.  A pastor cried when a solar kit was installed in his house, saying he had read his Bible and written his sermons for 40 years by charcoal or kerosene  light.  Jessie has said many times that we have won the birth lottery.  I will not promise a daily blog until we get to Africa.  We will be in villages this time and travel many miles to install the kits.  Pray for us please!  We just want you to know what is happening and encourage you to check in with us.  We also appreciate your comments.

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