Yesterday, we went to Handali A & B,am writing this on the steps of the office as we do not have WiFi where we art staying.  Therefore, names of people and places will be devoid in this posting as I did not want to carry my diary up to the office.  Tuesday and yesterday, we received payment from groups started last year, see the pile of Shillings in photo.  The stories of success are thrilling.  A Pastor’s wife in Handali sold two grown pigs, and was able to buy cement to make large bricks to build their house.  A child in Handali is going to University, some have bought cows, in Handali B, they are building a large new church, photos will come when I figure out how to do that.  Also, the Ikowa Parish has grown from 4 churches to 10! In Handali B, the women leaned from the women in Hondali A how to organize the pig project and we all set to go when we gave them the money yesterday to begin.  75 women in Handali B will start today by buying some of their pigs from Handali A women.  Today will also be a long day, visiting more villages, and tomorrow we meet with the Bishop, then go to buy the goats.  Pray for us, we are having to pick up five male goats from IKowa to take to Handali, and 5 male goats from Handali to new villages,  I asked the Handali women to mark their goats so we don’t get them all confused. We are going to do this differently in future, as Hilda and I have to take too much time struggling with sorting goats!!


St. Andrews of the Pines in Wyoming, sent $3,000 to Bishop Stanway Primary School.  They are in great need even though enrollment is up.


Sunday am meeting with the Head Master of Jubilee High School to talk about the partnership with The O’Neal School in Pinehurst.  So, a full week, but oh so good.


Jessie.  Tally is not comfortable with the keyboard of my MacBook Air, so will blog on her computer when we get home. We have tons of photos and videos hope to post.