We are having major internet problems here.  And, am not able to post photos for some reason.  The system for that has changed and the internet is so slow – it reminds me of dial-up days, when we would turn on the computer, then go and make breakfast!  It takes a minute to download an email.  OY!

In some ways, it is nice.  No news to get frustrated about…

Yesterday, we went to Ikowa Village, the first village we started the Women’s Empowerment Projects. These women are dear friends of ours now, like family.  I have many photos to share of our time there, if I can get them into the post.  If not, when we return will post them.

The group which was started there last summer, repaid their loan so we can start a new group. It was grand seeing the changes in this village since 2009.  Many of the homes now have metal roofs.  The church walls have been stuccoed and painted, the windows dressed with fancy ironwork and they have electricity.  Some of the homes have electricity as well.  The grid has finally reached Iowa.  The Iowa parish had 4 churches and now they have 10.  We talked with a young widow with small children.  She said that the pig project as enabled her to take care of her family, she was so worried after her husband died.

They told us most of the children have or are attending Secondary School, two are in University.  The goats have worked out well, they like having the milk, and they use the manure for their gardens.  We will give a more detailed report on the goats later.  We then went to Makoja village, got back at 7:00 pm.  Tomorrow more villages, and Friday as well.  Saturday morning, will meet with the Bishop, then go shopping for goats.

It is lovely being back, the familiar faces here at Msalato, going to tea at 11:00 with the faculty and staff.  The sounds of chickens all day, Roosters doing their arias, birds chirping, colorful lizards dancing up the outside walls of houses.  The street dogs roam full of purpose on their rounds seeking food.  We leave water out for them.  A teacher and his family moved back to Kenya and left their cats behind.  One of the cats comes by our house every evening and meows loudly demanding food.  We comply.

The campus is like a small village, you walk about and stop to talk with people, we wander in and out of homes – “Hodi” – “Karibu” – share meals, we are having six for dinner tonight.  Will try again to load photos.  Bye for now, Jessie