Yesterday, Tally and I met with Moses, and Hilda to discuss the pigs and goats!    Currently, there are nine groups of women raising goats.  We bought 45 goats March of 2016.    This year the goats were bred and 18 kids survived.  These will be passed on to the next groups following the same rota as we did with the pigs.  3 kids died and one adult goat died.  When we go to the villages this week, will enquirer as to how the goats died.  Hyenas got two kids.  The women then strengthened the pens.

There are 45 women raising goats.

PIGS –  There has been a disease affecting pigs in Tanzania, so all pig farmers are banned from exporting them.  They may sell locally though. The ban should be lifted soon at which time the women can go back to selling to the processors in Dar es Salaam.

Next Saturday, Tally, Hilda, Musa, and a goat man and I,will go out and buy 48 goats.  We go in a large truck, into the bush where farmers who raise goats live.

SOLAR ~    “Women in Light” Today, Sunday, we had a meeting with Ruth Mbennah, the woman at CCT who handles women’s issues.  She will be our contact for the solar projects.  Hilda, who heads up the Women’s Empowerment Project already has her hands full with managing that and being the Dean of the College.  Next week, Ruth will connect with the representatives at AEG International in Dar es Salaam (whom Tally and I met with this past Wednesday).  They will determine when to ship the kits to Dodoma, and Ruth will choose villages where to place the kits.  The emphasis will be on homes with two or more children that are attending school so that they can do their homework with decent lighting.  Unlike the pig or goat project, Karimu will be giving the kits for a small fee to women.  The kits are $200 and Ruth will come up with a cost which will be fair, probably the monthly cost they pay for Kerosene, batteries, etc.  The women can make small change by charging other people’s mobile phones on their FireFlies.

That is it for now, Jessie