Am frustrated, cannot download new photos yet, will try tomorrow.  These photos are of the bus Karimu bought years ago through the aid of a generous donor from Germany.  Thankfully, it is still in good running order!

Today, we went to an Ordination at the Cathedral in Dodoma.  Going to church in Africa is like going to something quite spiritual and also a pop concert.  The Choirs are unlike any we have.  Beautiful, loud voices, tunes you absolutely cannot sit still listening to, and they dance as they sing.  Such a treat.  Ordinations are a grand affair, and this one did not disappoint.  The new Priest is a young woman.  She will return to the States to complete her PhD at Virginia Theological College then come back to Tanzania.  Off for a walk.  I hear a puppy yowling somewhere near and hope it has a kind family.  Yesterday, on my walk, I happened upon a yard where a pig was screaming.  It was being butchered, an awful scene we are spared as we go to Harris Teeter and select our meat in tidy, wrapped packages.  Jessie

The new bus