The first night here, we ate dinner with Hilda and her family, last night with Mary and Robert at their home.  Much discussion of the improvements Megafuli, the President of TZ has made.  We first noticed how clean Dar es Salaam was and how much new construction was going on.  Robert told us about the massive clean up he has been doing in government and business.  He went after what they call “ghost workers”, people on the payroll who do not exist.  They are either dead or have moved on, or in some cases were invented.  This went on all throughout the country. He has also prosecuted business men who were taking illegal profits.  In addition to all that, he has had all the colleges and schools go through accreditation.  Before, this was required, but generally ignored.  These institutions have a year to get themselves corrected.

Today, I got up early and had a good, fast walk!  Been doing too much sitting on planes,cars, and chairs.  Tally and I will go to town (Dodoma, to shop for provisions, and most importantly, see Moses’ new office.

We will meet with Moses and Hilda today to discuss the projects.

Have a good day! Jessie