We arrived in Dodoma last evening at 8:30.  Much nuisance with the flight from Addis Ababa, a three hour delay in an airport with much construction, so we sat listening the jack hammering, ugh.  When we finally boarded, se flew on a beautiful, new Air Bus, but not to Dar es Salaam, rather to some island south of Dar where they speak French.  Cannot think of the name just yet, but it will come.  We were there for an hour, then took off for Dar.  We missed our appointment at 4:00 with the AEG International people as we didn’t arrive at the hotel until 9:15.

Went to the bar and got something to help us sleep and some food, collapsed into bed and slept 12 hours.  The Southern Sun is the hotel we have stayed in for the past 8 years upon arriving in Tanzania.  Same people there who have become familiar with these old ladies, and take good care of us.  It is a beautiful hotel and give us luxury after traveling two days.

We met with two representatives from AEG, very sharp women who will send 40 kits to Dodoma so we can begin the solar project.

Flew on a small plane to Dodoma, Musa met us at the airport, we then had another wait as our luggage came up by bus from Dar.  Got some food shopping done, back to the bus station, got all our bags, then to Msalato.  There is now a paved road to Msalato, wow, beautiful and shortened the ride.  We were met at the Guest House by Seche, the house girl we have had since the beginning.  She had everything ready – more food than we can eat, especially dozens of fresh eggs!  Bananas, other fruit and bread.  We had dinner at Rev. Hilda’s house, then fell into bed at 11:00.

Today is an easy day of recovering and getting organized.  Photos to come next.  Jessie