Here in one of Jessie’s paintings you see women and children leaving their church.  Aren’t the colors dynamic and beautiful?  This time next week (August 14th) we will be on our way for the 8th time!  And  this time we go with a new project in mind ~ solar lighting for the homes in the villages.  It seems more than coincidence that we know a Nigerian here in our neighborhood who is in the business of solar lighting all over the world! We will meet two representatives of his business in Dar es Salaam.  Imagine, they have an office in the city where we land!?  Surely, a God thing.  I will not have a laptop this trip.  My first one was pinched and the second one I left with the students at Msalato Theological College last year.  I may have to rely on a handwritten journal this time.  Jessie may have her laptop so we can keep you informed.