This is St. John’s Anglican Church in Jordan, Ontario.  They are celebrating 175 years!  Jessie and I had the privilege of meeting their rector, Father Kevin.  He and the congregation welcomed us on July 3rd when the Gospel read that Jesus sent 70 ahead of him, two by two.  Here we were ~ going in the name of Jesus 2×2.  I preached a very short sermon and Jessie had the most fun as she walked up and down the aisles with a white baby goat in her arms telling the congregation that such a goat could change the lives of our friends in Tanzania.   After they had petted and kissed the goat on her head, Father Kevin blessed her and her sister and her parents and all the animals at Little Foot Farm.  Then Jessie took to the pulpit.  If I was a bishop I might  put a stole around her neck.  This church is currently raising $30,000 for a Syrian refugee family.  They are small but mighty.
Someone asked if we were missionaries.  That startled me ~ missionaries ~ us?  Perhaps in a way we are ~ we just don’t realize it because it is all so much fun.