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Dear Readers,

As you know, Jessie and I have been going to Tanzania since 2008 and God willing we will return in August 2017.  We are encouraged and excited about the success of the pig project and  I have another woman’s story to tell you, but first I wanted to get your attention!  Africa has taught us a great deal.  Here, one of Jessie’s Jack Russell’s (Pendo by name) who has “gone to Jesus” as Barbara Crafton would say, is being carried by Jessie on her back as the African women carry their children.  Pendo was reluctant to walk that day.  After using a scarf to put her on Jessie’s back she was happy as a clam.  I miss *Pendo whose real name was Tally Pendo.

Another woman in Handali has shared her story with  Moses.   Her name is Moleni Kutimwa.  Moleni is a divorced woman who lives with her children.  There is no such thing as alimony in Handali.  Life was almost impossible for Moleni until she joined the pig project in 2012.  The four women had only one large pig at that time.  I need not go into the reproduction process as Moses does but suffice it to say that now in 2016 Moleni has repaid her loan and has become a successful entrepreneur and plans to continue in the pig business!  As the others say, pigs have changed her life.   She, like Mariam has built a new house.  YOU, our friends and donors ARE changing lives. Thank you, thank you , thank you.   

*Pendo in Swahili is love.  It is a favorite name in Africa.