This is Monica Chiyenje  standing in front of her home in Handali Village.  Monica and her husband, Meshack had a very difficult life until she joined the pig project.  These are the women that Karimu loaned $500 to in 2009.  Remember, the original 45 women who formed groups, built pig stys and began raising, breeding and selling pigs?  It is quite a success story as there are now over 1,051 women raising pigs and improving the lives of their families.

 Monica and Meshack and their 3 children were totally dependent on a small shamba (farm or garden) and a few chickens.  Their harvest was minimal due to drought and diseased chickens.  Monica joined the pig project in 2012 and she and 4 women started with 1 pig.  ONE PIG!  That pig produced 10 piglets and each of the 4 women in the group got 2 piglets to keep.  They sold the remaining two piglets to pay off the loan.  And so the story of transformation and hope began for Monica.  Two of her three children are now in school, one at the College of Minerals in Dodoma and the second is studying at the Handali Secondary School.  Monica currently has 7 pigs and her mother pig.  She has sold pigs to expand their little farm and to pay the necessary school fees for their children.  Thanks to some rain this season, they have had a better than usual harvest, enough to feed their family and to sell to neighboring families.  One piglet at the cost of about $19.00 has changed their lives.  Monica told our dear friend Moses Matonya when he visited her last week that she was very thankful for Karimu.  We, Jessie and I, thank the many of you who have made it possible for this kind of miracle to happen.  May God bless you.

Monica Chiyenje