Monica ChiyenjeJust wanted to give you a larger picture of Monica and her mud-brick home.  You will notice there is no door, just an entry way.  When going to someone’s home you simply say:  HODIE which is “knock-knock.”  The response is “Karibu” which is “welcome.”

That word is heard all over Tanzania ~ they are people who welcome everyone who comes.  As little as they may have, they share it.   In spite of their many hardships, I sometimes think that God must be very proud of them.  They got the message about  entertaining strangers!  We look forward to sharing more stories.  We had hoped to have a professional video made to show you but the cost is prohibitive.  If any of you have expertise in creating a good video we would welcome your help.  It is all I can do to put a photo on the blog!

See the story below!