Tally and I are going to tell you personal stories of some of the women you have supported in Karimu’s Piglet Project.  Meet Rosemary:

Rose is about 41 years old.  She is a mother of 5 children – her husband deserted her about 8 years ago.  Life was very difficult for her and the children before she joined the Piglet Project.  She could not earn enough to feed her children and supply then with uniforms and books in order that they could attend the local school.  Rose joined the pig project in 2010 being in a group of 5 women who were given 3 piglets.  Unfortunately, one of their three piglets was eaten by a hyena, so two remained – one female and one male.  They sold the male pig after one year to pay back the loan money.  The one female pig was able to produce 4 piglets and they sold the piglets and distributed the money to all five women in the group. The mother pig produced 10 piglets the second time.  They sold the mother pig after 4 months when the piglets had grown up, and each of them took two piglets to keep for their own uses.  Rose started with those 2 piglets.  When they were grown, she sold one to pay school fees for her children.  The other pig produced 10 piglets for her.  She sold all 10 piglets after three months and spent the money to buy 3 big goats, buy school needs for her children and hire a tractor to cultivate two acres.  She got a good harvest of sunflower and millet in May 2013.


The mother pig produced the third time 13 piglets.  2 piglets died and 11 survived.  She sold six piglets to buy a bicycle to help her carry water from the well.  Rose kept the remaining 5 piglets until they became big.  In December 2013 she sold two pigs to cultivate her farm and support her children.


Rose has continued to keep pigs and she has sold some this year in order to build a house.  She has remained with two pigs which are pregnant and she expects to get a good number of piglets.  Her story is that life was difficult for her before she started to keep pigs.  Her husband abandoned her she was struggling alone to raise the children.  Now she is capable to feed her children, buy their needs and pay school fees.  She had a good harvest this year from her farm because she had the money to cultivate the farm.  Her life has changed completely and she is very thankful for the project.


Tomorrow, Tally will tell you the story of MONICA CHIYENJE from Handali Village.


Asante, Jessie