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Caroline Rush with my dogs

Caroline Rush with my dogs  

Just so you will know ~ this is Caroline Rush who keeps Jessie’s two Jack Russell’s and my cur, James when we go to Africa.    Caroline offered to keep our dogs the first time we went,  (2008).  Those  years she would bring James to visit Claude.  She does not live here.  By God’s grace we met her when she was at Emmanuel while visiting her mother.  Many ask about our beloved dogs ~ “how can you go and leave them?”  We are confident and grateful with/for Caroline ~ she spends the entire time loving-on and being there with our 3 dogs.  She is part of the family, both here and in Dodoma , Tanzania.  We could not do our work without Caroline or you and your support.  Dr. Paul Farmer said it so well:  “Lives of service depend on lives of support.”  Amen.


Would you look at this happy young man.  His family bought a cow with money from their pigs (our Wilbur Project) and the cow had a calf.  In the background you can see a “shed” with a thatched roof.  That is where he keeps this calf.

There were no comments on Joseph Kyense.  I find him so lovely.  Perhaps you have to know a person to know their spirits and their hearts.  

Jessie and I had the privilege of giving a presentation at St. Thomas’ Church in Sanford, NC and at St. Mary Magdalene’s Church in Seven Lakes.  Both groups were very welcoming and supported us with more donations which means more goats.  Bless their hearts.  (I am a southerner by birth!)

 We are still working  to improve our video.  Hoping to have a professional help us in May.  Had to go to Tanzania to find out about his man.  His sister-in-law was teaching at Msalato and he lives just up the road in Cary.  Truly, the world gets smaller every day.


In 2008 we met Joseph Kyense in Africa.  He was one of my students in Pastoral Care and each Sunday he would come to our little duplex to walk me to the nearby girls school for their worship service.  Since the service was in Swahili, Joseph would translate for me.  Over the years we have done services together and have gone to his village to meet his wife and children.  One year he took us to see the Great Rift Valley.  Though now an ordained priest he is back at the college completing his degree.  Here is is visiting us just recently.

IMG_4625 IMG_4632PLEASE MARK IN YOUR CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 23,24,25 FOR AN ART SHOW FOR KARIMU AT ST. MARY MAGDALENE’S.  I will be working on new subjects from our March trip this summer.  Jessie

IMG_5251Here is MY goat.  Someone at St. Mary Magdalene’s bought a goat and asked that it be a white goat and she wanted to name it Tally.  So here I am, a white goat in Tanzania.  For the record, there is now a dog in Dodoma named Jessie.  Not a bad legacy.

IMG_5415TODAY, we received emails from Moses Matonya that 50 more goats have been bought and distributed to the women in Handali Village.  This was the 2nd village with the Pig program.  I think Moses wrote that 50 femails and two males were delivered.  These are the big, good milking goats.


Thank you again for supporting the “Get your Goat” Project.



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