IMG_5270 The goats went to the first Women’s Empowerment group which started in 2009, with 45 women.  In this village, we are now up to 685 women in the program. It all began with a $500 loan which the first goup repaid the following year from raising pigs.  We added $600 more, and returned to them the $500 they repaid, telling them to go out and start new groups.  Will give a report in full as to the financials, but it is all good.  Don’t you like the way they led the goats off with their scarves tied around the goats neck?!


Later, we ate at the Pastor’s house and saw two of the new goats relaxing under a tree with water and greens, muching away and happy.   We go to two more villages tomorrow to see how their projects are doing.   Bye for now, JessieIMG_5286 IMG_5289 IMG_5300 IMG_5303 IMG_5320