Sorry about the odd post.  This computer is driving me to drink when I yearn to write of our adventures.  Needless to say that Jessie has become the scribe.  Our African friends are going to be the proud owner of my laptop very soon.  Jessie says she has never heard me swear until I had knee surgery and now with this ##$%&## computer I am on the brink of a least one bad word like “rats.”

We have had dinner every night with friends.  Coming home we saw lightening in the far distance and now, even I, with poor hearing can hear the lovely sound of rain.  And the smell ~ ah, it is delicious.  Sandy told us to bring “mud shoes” which we did. 

I have to tell you that since I met Jessie I have learned a lot about farm animals ~ chickens, goats, pigs not to mention dogs.  After all she found James for me.

I ponder over and over the “draw” or attraction of this place.  It is not a garden spot.  Of course, we know it is the people and their ability to find joy in circumstances that would stymie most of us.  Bishop Mark Andrus once told my friend Gail Epes that he cried for Africa every day.  And Desmond Tutu asks us to pray for Africa. 

We have enormous gratitude to you, our supporters.  You are part of this journey and you are changing lives.  I wish you could have seen the pastor’s wives that met with us this afternoon as they looked over earrings and beautiful scarves that were sent with us by Claudia Miller of Morgan Miller’s an elegant shop in Southern Pines.  Claudia you must be an angel.  They were like children in an ice cream shop, which by the way they probably have never tasted.

Peace be with you all.