Tally and I got home from dinner with friends around 8:30.  We thought we would turn in early when we heard “Hodi” outside the door.  It was friend, Joseph.  He came to try and arrange a visit with his wife Pendo over the weekend.  After he left, we were getting ready to shut down our computers and turn in.  It was pouring rain outside – then we heard “Hodi” again.  At 10:00 pm Jemima and Michael were outside our door, soaking wet having walked from their home to here to say hello.  Made them cups of tea with cookies and now one hour later, they left, again in the pouring rain.

Relationships here harken back to the days before television and air conditioning when people sat on their porches in the evening, neighbors walked by and visited. Before garage door openers, when there were clothes lines and women said hello as they hung the wash.  Perhaps not really better times, but certainly different, less formal and more communal.