Here are photos of getting the goats today.  We went out into the bush where various farmers have raised these goats, which are special breeds.  We stopped at six places.  At the first stop, the truck got stuck in the sand, and it took quite awhile to dig it out.  The men put branches and a plank of wood under the tires to finally get traction.  While that was going on, Moses and I gathered grass for them to eat in the truck.  Moses had a Machete, which he wielded quite well while talking on his cell phone.  I brought a few goats to the truck by their horns.  The men tossed them into the truck, which you can see from the photos.  Tally held one goat by a rope as it kept wanting to leave the scene.  The goats arrived safely in Ikowa Village and celebrations were held.  We came home quite weary as we have been on the go since arriving here.  All good, wonderful and so very sweet being with our friends. You must know this.  Your goats are bring huge joy to all.


I only wish you could be here to see the happiness you have provided, as well as the economic advantage these lovely animals will bring.  Asante Sana, (Thank You) Karimu donors, from the hearts of Tally and me, and especially the women here in Tanzania. P.S.  Someone should tell Dr. Casey that Tally has been climbing in and out of Toyota Land Rovers, not easy, walking in the bush, climbing over rocks, etc.  What a trooper!!!  IMG_5074 IMG_5076 IMG_5084 IMG_5086 IMG_5087 IMG_5093 IMG_5098 IMG_5116 IMG_5122 IMG_5139 IMG_5141 IMG_5148 IMG_5149 IMG_5155 IMG_5163 IMG_5166