Still frustrated with no access to internet. That is why you haven’t heard from Tally. I have to walk to a place where I can pick up a signal. Too far for her, but she asked I tell you she looks forward to being able to write.

Yesterday, we went to Ikowa Village to meet with the first women to start the Women’s Empowerment projects. these 49 women who did so well have helped grow the project to over 800 now. We hope to reach 1,000 by the end of the year.

We told them that we are starting something new with GOATS since there are so many pigs in the area now. The problem was trying to figure out how to do this, as goats do not produce like Pigs. Pigs can have as many as 16 piglets, goats usually have twins. We are buying 20 goats tomorrow, and taking them to Ikowa. It was decided that the way to handle this new project was to give each group 2 goats. Then, as their goats produce kids, they pass new goats to new groups of women. So it is a goat for a goat. In the meantime, the goats will provide much needed milk, cheese and when too old to mate, meat.

It was a long day of celebration, reporting, church, eating, music and lots of hugging! I have some wonderful photos which I will post later.

Life had been so beautiful all day, but on the way home we passed two dead people on the road. Two separate accidents, both involving bicycle hit by a mini-bus. One killed the other severly injured. the second accident, we were not sure what caused it, but it looked like a motorcycle and truck.

We stopped to visit a woman we knew from previous visits and she insisted that we come in. We were 8 people who just happened to come by – yet she produced food and juice (fresh squeezed) for us all. Got home around 7:30 absolutely rat-legged. As we were winding down, a former student of Tally’s came by for a nice visit. She will tell about that.

Today, Monday, we visited the schools which will be communicating with The O’Neal School in Pinehurst. We visited a Primary School, Holy trinity, and a secondary School, Jubilee. We also have included Bishop Stanway Primary School. We visited them last week, and left the list of questions The O’Neal people wanted to ask the children. Today, we picked up their answere along with the questions the children here have for the Pinehurst children. The other two schools will email the answers to me when they have completed them.

We have been invited out to dinner every night since arriving, and tonight will eat with Ruth and Moses Matonya. Moses has taken time off during our visit to work on the projects with the women’s empowerment groups as well as the schools. We will also meet with people here at the college about other projects, mainly to do with sustainability.

It is warm, and have been sitting in the shade of a tree to write this, so will close for now. Hopefully, we will have internet soon!!! Jessie