Rwanda TECHNOLOGY can be so frustrating!  Tally and I tried and got Hot Spot on our iPhones, she even bought a brand new one, so that we could use our photos to connect to the internet while here and then use our computers.  Well, Guess What?!  At&T has our phones BLOCKED so that we cannot use Sim chips from other countries.  A true monopoly.  Annyoying this is, they did not tell Tally about this when she bought her phone.


I wish I could call them and tell them to unblock us.


OK, enough on that.  Am sitting on the steps of the Office of Msalato since we con’t have internet where we are staying.  I can feed off the office internet connection.

The air is buzzing with the sounds of insects and birds.  It is exquisitly green!  Warmer for sure, but just beautiful.

We had a meeting with Moses and Hilda yesterday to plan out our visit.  Tomorrow we will go to Ikowa Village.  Ikowa was the first village to have Women’s Empowerment projects back in 2009.  We want to talk with them about the goats.

A new kind of arrangement has to be formulated with the goats as they cost more up front, but only produce 4 kids a year (at best) whereas a sow can have as many as 16 piglets in one litter.  So, the pigs bring in more profit quicker.  Howeve, goats provide milk, and milk is a much needed commodity.  To avoid any kind of jealousy or problems, we are meeting with the women to see what kind of plan they come up with.


Monday, will go to Jubilee Secondary School and Bishop Stanway School, which we visited yesterday.  Gave them questions that The O’Neal School asked and will collect the answers on this visit.


Tuesday, we will go and buy goats at a nearby vilage.  They will be trucked out to Ikowa and dispensed from there.  We are buying 15 to start with others to come.

Wednesday we will vist some other villages to see how the projects are faring and meet the women.  I don’t have my calendar with me, so not sure what comes after that.  Every night we are hosted for dinner at friends homes.  Gives us wonderful time to catch up with the lives of them all.  Toight with Mary and Mkunda, she teaches at Bishop Stanway, and Mkunda is mone of the Directors of Msalato,


The first night we ate with Rev. Hilda Kabia who is Head of the School, she took Moses’ place when he left to complete his work for his PhD.  He is still in the area and is working with us on the Women’s projects.


Am going to close and I can barely see the screen for the reflection of the sun on it.  Also it is getting quite warm.  Hope you all are well,