We are here!  We have been welcomed.  The journey went well, arrived in Dar es Salaam Tuesday evening.  Stayed overnight at our favorite hotel, “The Southern Sun” and got up early Wednesday to catch the flight to Dodoma at 7:00 a.m.  Two hours later we landed in Dodoma to be met by Musa the driver we have known now since the beginning in 2008.

This is the first time we have come when it is green!!  Everything is so beautiful, lush and  very tidy!  It seems the new President of TZ has made the rule that every Saturday, all the people in Tanzania have to clean their area of any rubbish. Not a single piece of paper, plastic to be seen.

Inspite of hours spent at ATandT, and then here, we are not able to connect to the internet.  Am not going to complain now as I have internet and it may not be for long so will save the complaints for another time.

We were welcomed to our “house” by Rev. Hilda, and Seche, the house girl we have used most of the times we have come.  It really felt like coming “home”.

Today is, Friday.  We met with Moses and have made a schedule for visiting the villages and procuring the goats.   Sunday, we will go to Ikowa Village, Monday we will visit the two schools, and give them the questions from the students at The O’Neal School in Pinehurst.  Tuesday, we will buy the goats and take them to the villages.

Am going to post this now, will blog more but want to make sure this gets through whilst we have internet.  Much love, Jessie

Tally will blog next.