IMG_4620This is the neighborhood where we will be living next week!  Moses wrote saying we will be going “Goat Shopping”!  Staying in Ikowa and Hindali villages, the first two villages of the Women’s Empowerment projects.  Cannot wait to catch up with everyone in person.  Be sure to check the blog end of next week.  Our journey will take two days, then we have to get chips for our phones there so we can use “Hot Spot” to connect with WiFi.  Isn’t technology grand!  When going abroad, if you use your American provider, like AT&T for your phones, iPads, etc. You get charged the earth.  But when you arrive in whatever country, have a chip installed that you can use for data, etc. there.  Much cheaper.  I have had a technology overload this week, fighting with an old printer, finally giving up and buying a new, wireless printer that does everything except dance.  Brillant.  Bye for now, Jessie