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As an opener or a greeting, this picture has little to do with today’s blog.  It is simply children playing with what they could find (a sad tree) as Jessie and I walked the dirt paths around Dodoma, Tanzania.

We older people have  trouble with the “speed of lightning” technology.  Jessie and I have been wrestling with computers, our blog, and how we are going to let you know about ours and yours projects in Tanzania.  We have been to AT&T today ~ talked about wireless, I-Pads, vs laptops and I am still confused.  Please bear with us.  We know we have a story to tell.  You are part of the story.

Should any of our faithful readers and supporters hang in there, we thank you.  We are leaving on March 1st and will return on March 28th.  Jessie will have many many more subjects to paint  and we will have reports for you about what your money has done for people you will never meet.

Times are hard now ~ every where ~ but as Paul wrote in Galatians:  “only one thing …..that we remember the poor.”  The Galatians had been bickering about those who were or were not  circumcised.  Sound familiar??

We hope to write every day in Tanzania ~~~ please check in with our travels.

Never hesitate to call or to comment.  We would be grateful for your comments.

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