Tea cup drying at the school.

In late August Karimu submitted yet another grant request to the St. Luke’s Foundation, Salisbury NC. for  $21,942.00 for food for the students at Msalato Theological College.  Word came today that we were granted that amount!  You cannot imagine what a fortune that is in Africa and how thrilled Jessie and I are.  This generous and amazing foundation has now granted almost $120,000.00 to aid the people in this drought prone region of Tanzania.  It is hard not to say: “w00-hoo,” but what we really say is: “Thanks be to God.”  YOU, Yahweh, have given them their daily bread.

We also learned that because of the drought the cost of a bag of maize (their staple food) has doubled in price,  and Dec. 2015 and January 2016 the situation is expected to worsen.  This affects the students who must find food for their families as well as money for their food-fee to pay to the college.  Most simply cannot do both.

It is almost impossible for those of us in such an abundant land to come close to understanding the poverty and the hunger in developing countries.  Today I noticed a loaf of beautiful whole grain bread in my refrigerator that had mold on it.  Having been to Tanzania five times and witnessing  the poverty, I still find myself being wasteful.

What does this picture have to do with bread and the grant you might ask ~ not much really.  It just  shows how they dry their cups after tea time.