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Garden at Msalato


Never did  I expect to see anything like this at Msalato in drought-ridden Dodoma, Tanzania.  The Reverend Dr. Joshua Rutere, one of the professors at St. John University in Dodoma and at one time acting dean at Msalato started an environmental program at the college, one that is managed and cared for by the students and faculty.  Not only is this providing vegetables for the students, but they can sell some of the produce to villagers.  The students are also learning skills that they can take to villages where they will be assigned when they graduate.

Jessie and I learned yesterday that the MDG/Global Mission  Committee of the Diocese of North Carolina has granted Karimu $3,000 (their maximum grant) to assist this particular program.  It will buy tree seedlings for their Tree Nursery, chemicals for pest control, manure, a vegetable garden drip irrigation system and even a few other things such as garden hoes and rakes.  This is obviously a long-term project and water or the lack thereof is always a concern. Rome wasn’t built in a day and in rural Africa………..well, you get the picture.  The main focus is for all of their graduates to be people who model godly care for creation in whatever location the Lord may take them.  We all have dreams and theirs is to someday have a solar-powered borehole pump.  These are very expensive and it might take 10 years to achieve this, but according to Joshua, Msalato could become a promised land in the making! What a thrill to be a small part of this.

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