Kigali Dept. of Defense

Sandy sent this today with the message that 20 years ago, over a million people died in a genocide here ~ the Hutus and Tutsis.  We remember those names if nothing else.  Her e-mail sent me rushing to the internet to learn more about Rwanda’s history.  She said they learned it is pronounced Rhonda, not R-wanda.   They have a multicultural heart, no one is starving or desperate, and if you litter,  you will be jailed.  Could the world learn from them?

It is so different from where Jessie and I go.  We cannot imagine such a scene in Dodoma.  Mostly dust, unpaved roads and not much greenery.  We will return in September.

Africa has enlarged our hearts and our souls.  I have been reading books by Desmond Tutu all day ~ one whom I was privileged to meet at Kanuga in 2001 at a week-long conference.  He will be one of our saints someday.

Please stay in touch with comments which no one does.  What would you like to hear from us?  Blessings, Tally and Jessie