No, dear readers, this is not Msalato or even Tanzania.  Sandy and Martin are in Rwanda looking at a Lutheran Hospital there and this is the landscape.  It is cold there she says ~ mountainous and lush with vegetation.  It must give hope to the African people to know such beauty exists, although many are not so fortunate due to lack of rainfall.    I will try to put a picture of the hospital on the blog.  I’ve written to Sandy asking about the staff there.  Are they from other countries or what?  She and Martin will retire in October after many years in Africa.  Martin is also looking for someone to take over his lab and work in Dodoma.  They have done extraordinary work and now it is time for them to come home and enjoy their grandchildren, but I have a feeling that their hearts will remain in Africa and expect they will continue to support the people there.  Well done, good and faithful servants.

Moses’ baby is beautiful.  Jessie and I can’t wait to meet her in September.