Butaro Hospital

Rwanda landscape

Perhaps I can use my “Quaker Time” (still lame with a stress fracture) to get techno-savvy.  That’s a laugh, I know, but at least with a little effort I can get pictures on the blog.  Here you see  Martin and Sandy at Butaro Hospital.  Sandy is pointing to hospitals that are in partnership with Butaro.  Their daughter, Elizabeth is a doctor at Bingham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  What a connection.  The other photo is simply amazing to my eyes that have never seen this kind of Africa.  To see green is beautiful and a miracle.  Why doesn’t God send the right amount of rain to Dodoma, Tanzania’s capitol?  God doesn’t answer the “why” questions does She?

Jessie’s new paintings of the Africa that we  have come to “know” and love,  have captured so much of the beauty of the people.  There is a lot of energy in these paintings and they are for sale.

I did not mean  Moses’ baby, I meant his first grandchild.  This baby, like his Baby Grace, (not a baby anymore) will be everyone’s baby.  The children are  guarded and protected by the village women.  They can roam freely in a village, much as we did as children when we hopped on our bicycles and left home for a day of exploration.  I lived in a small town (village) and everyone knew me and my family.  Certainly, if I did anything wrong it was immediately reported to my parents.  We didn’t have drums but word got back, like the time I cut through and down a neighbor’s driveway and my bike was hit by a passing car.  I wasn’t hurt but got a lecture on not riding into the street without stopping and looking both ways.

Jessie and I plan to return to Dodoma in September.  There are projects to check on (piglets) and new ones to start, along with reconnecting with our friends there.  We will ramp up our blog as we prepare for this trip.  We are excited as we have not been in two years.  Now is the time!