Jessie has given you a lovely description of Moses’ time in Pinehurst.  A good time was had by all ~ it was a productive time and a profound time.  In many ways this entire endeavor, this now long-time relationship with Msalato Theological College is a miracle.  When I saw Moses’ face at the car window I cried.  There he was from so far away, a kinsman whom I did not know 7 years ago, now a person who has enlarged my life and my faith in a living, loving Creator.  He is our brother.

After all of our busyness of the weekend and all of the friendships renewed and forged at St. Mary Magdalene’s, The O’Neil School, the Pinehurst folks who support Karimu, and St. Luke’s in Salisbury, we slowed down Sunday night, sat down to relax, to look at a little TV, to ask Moses about our former students and the staff at Msalato, to hear the “real” story of life in Tanzania.  Rains came but too late for the crops ~ most are lost, but there is always a silver-lining; the animals will benefit from the rain as will the lakes and water holes.  Moses never complains  or wonders about the goodness and faithfulness of God.  There is always good reason to be grateful.  Gordon Cosby, a great leader in the church said that to fail to be grateful blocks the gift of grace.

As we prepared to turn in Moses asked if we could pray.  Oh, if all of you could have heard him.  It was all about thankfulness.  All that many of us, including me take for granted was evident in his heart and soul.  Jessie and I wondered later why the prayer moved us so deeply.  There are no words to explain it, but we knew it was different from our daily prayers.  Moses lives a totally God-centered life; there are no doubts, no questions, no “why me” or why us.  God is working his purpose out.  In some ways it seems a simple faith.  It is not ~ this man will soon complete his PhD, and he has traveled all over the world.  And yet his mother still lives in his home village of Ikowa which is still waiting for electricity although the government has begun to put poles in.  Again, thankfulness and joy.

There will be more to reflect upon as the days go by.  Can people and books change lives?  Yes, indeed.  Love begets love.  We love Moses and his family and he loves us.