Green peppers MTC


Jessie wrote our last newsletter in October telling you of the Msalato Environmental Project (MEP) and how it is flourishing at the college.  It is the brainchild of The Rev. Dr. Joshua Rutere who is the acting dean of the college while Moses works on his doctorate. The theology students are doing all of the work while still studying Old and New Testaments, Ethics, Theology ~ all that we teach in our seminaries.  To me this is amazing!  They desperately need solar powered water pumps which will cost about $20,000.  I know ~ WOW!  They do not expect this to happen overnight.  It is a 5-7 year project.  Jessie figured out if one thousand people would give $20.00 they could reach their goal.  These are just things for you to think about.  We have said that no amount is too little.  If you want to help this project just earmark you checks “MEP” and send them to me.  Address is in the preceding blog.

I shall write a newsletter tomorrow, mostly like our blog.  Perhaps we don’t write often enough.  We would really like to hear from you and more importantly, what would you like to hear from us?  As you know we cannot go just now, but God willing we will return.

Please take the time to look at this You Tube presentation about Msalato Theological College.  It is amazing and made Jessie and me so homesick for them.  It looks daunting but try it: (I don’t know what all of that means, either!

Blessings from Tally and  Jessie