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Last week we kicked off the partnership with the O’Neal School and two schools in Tanzania, Middle and Upper Schools.  This week, we began with the art classes.  I did a demo of painting a scene of Africa in oils.  All the children had a go at adding stokes to the painting as it was the first time for them to work with oil paint.  We ended up with a painting done by all!!  Then the children each did a painting of their own in tempera paint of the same scene. It is our plan to have the children communicate through the various subjects they are all studying in their schools, beginning with the art classes.  When I have downloaded more photos, will add them to the blog.  Am on my way out the door now to set up an art show at the Timmel House which will be Saturday.  Check my website, or facebook to get the details.


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Jessie wrote our last newsletter in October telling you of the Msalato Environmental Project (MEP) and how it is flourishing at the college.  It is the brainchild of The Rev. Dr. Joshua Rutere who is the acting dean of the college while Moses works on his doctorate. The theology students are doing all of the work while still studying Old and New Testaments, Ethics, Theology ~ all that we teach in our seminaries.  To me this is amazing!  They desperately need solar powered water pumps which will cost about $20,000.  I know ~ WOW!  They do not expect this to happen overnight.  It is a 5-7 year project.  Jessie figured out if one thousand people would give $20.00 they could reach their goal.  These are just things for you to think about.  We have said that no amount is too little.  If you want to help this project just earmark you checks “MEP” and send them to me.  Address is in the preceding blog.

I shall write a newsletter tomorrow, mostly like our blog.  Perhaps we don’t write often enough.  We would really like to hear from you and more importantly, what would you like to hear from us?  As you know we cannot go just now, but God willing we will return.

Please take the time to look at this You Tube presentation about Msalato Theological College.  It is amazing and made Jessie and me so homesick for them.  It looks daunting but try it: (I don’t know what all of that means, either!

Blessings from Tally and  Jessie

Two weeks or more ago I was in Lowe’s and could have sworn that I heard:  “Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?”  It wasn’t even Halloween so I decided it was my imagination.  Besides, I am a traditionalist and don’t think Christmas begins until after the 4 weeks of Advent.  WRONG, at least not in our secular world where people plan for Christmas all year long and even I did a little Christmas shopping in Old Town Alexandria, VA  six or seven weeks ago.

Then the catalogues began to arrive ~ fat and thick with pretty things to want!  And just last week as I walked out of Harris Teeter (my grocery store) I stopped dead in my tracks as a huge decorated Christmas Tree stood directly before me where the carts are usually kept.  Now huge bins of pumpkins were outside still anticipating Halloween.  But, as the saying goes, “if you can’t lick them, join them.”

If you have gifts to buy for grandchildren, children, friends ~ all of whom neither need  nor want anything, Karimu is again offering you an opportunity to participate in alternative giving.  We have pretty little cards that you can send to your recipient which says that a gift has been given to Karimu in their name by_____________ and that for this season the gifts will go for: taking a child  to the doctor ($5.00), a solar light for a child to do his/her homework ($20.00), a school uniform for a needy child $60.00).  These cards will be at St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, but for others, you can mail your donation to me:  Tally Bandy, 22 Bogie Drive, Whispering Pines, NC  28327 and I will send you the card to mail.  Any donation makes a huge difference in the lives of unbelievably poor children and we would be very grateful.

Many have asked if Ebola is a danger in Tanzania.   No.  Remember, Africa is a very large continent and East Africa is a long way away.

If  you have any questions about donations please don’t hesitate to call me ~ 910-949-2992.

Happy Autumn and Happy Thanksgiving.  Love from Tally and Jessie

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