Creame of wheat weather

Joy, joy, joy!  It is Oatmeal and Crème of Wheat time with a tarnished pewter sky above and 60 degree temperatures below.  Some of us in the south are happy to say goodbye to the heat of summer.  As I looked at my bowl of Crème of Wheat laced with butter, brown sugar and milk (remember the old ad:  “Warm up your insides before you go outside” I thought of cold days in Africa often with nothing hot to eat, sometimes nothing at all to eat.  Jessie and I took Grits with us one year and cooked them for one of my classes.  They didn’t take to it with just salt and pepper but then we served it with sugar and milk and they much preferred that. The closest thing they have is called ugali, a rather thick paste of flour.  I even wonder if it has any nutrients in it. A  friend recently challenged me to think of five positive things each day for a week.  Today Crème of Wheat would be a positive.

Our friends in Africa are about to go into their summer and that always means to pray for rain, water being very precious there.  We have seen what drought has done to California.  Imagine it year after year as in Dodoma.

Jessie and I are working on some new projects for Alternative Christmas giving so stay tuned.  We have saturated the market with pigs ~ that project is flourishing.  But there are many other things we can do.  As soon as we get it all together we will send out a newsletter on e-mail to those on our mailing list.  If for any reason you are not on our mailing list and would like to be just send us your e-mail address.

Love to all of our supporters and friends,

Tally and Jessie