Moses birthday party


Moses is fine, but it is a miracle.  He and his wife Ruth were driving to his father-in-law’s village to do research on his Ph.D. when a tire blew on his car causing him to lose control of the car.  The car rolled over twice, surely a very frightening experience.  In his e-mail he thanked God for protecting them saying it is a wonder they are alive.  The car’s engine is all right but the damage to the body of the car was significant.  $2,200 worth of damage.  Jessie and I are trying to figure out how to help him but the Karimu funds were not donated to repair cars, so we think we will just send a little from our personal accounts. If anyone would like to join us just let us know.  Life is so darned hard over there.  I’d  feel rather sick myself if I had a $2,200 car repair bill, but most of us could do it or buy new cars.  Jessie keeps saying that we have won the birth lottery.  Amen.

This is a favorite picture of Moses at my 80th birthday party at Jessie’s.  Although he is an Episcopalian, he does not drink alcohol.  Oh, how he loves lemonade though!

Our blogs aren’t as frequent these days because we are not at Msalato, but our hearts are still there.

Blessings to our readers and supporters,