Anna Yohana

Isn’t she lovely?  This is Anna Yohana a 27 year old single priest in the Anglican Provence of Tanzania.  She graduated from Msalato Theological College with a Diploma in Ministry, a 3 year English medium course.  She has been working in a parish and sub-parish with 9 churches!  Covering 9 rural village churches sounds impossible to me.  According to Sandy it took her 3 months to get to all the parishes and it is the custom there to visit all of the parishioners in their homes.  The distances are daunting between some of the churches.  Obviously, she has done a lot of walking and cycling.  She plans to continue her education at Msalato to get her Bachelor of Applied Theology degree. With her salary of $25.00 a month she has been able to save$135.00 for her student fees.

The joyous news that I bring is that St.Patrick’s Church in Lake Tahoe (a very small church) is giving one half of her tuition for one year thanks to Cherry Barney who worships there half the year and at Emmanuel, Southern Pines the rest of the year.  These African Christians believe that God will provide and by George, He does.  As I have said over and over ~ the Africans teach me.

Thank you Cherry and thank you St. Patrick’s.